Bohuslän, Sweden

I got involved in this project with my good friend and business partner Jacob Petersen. We wrote the following when the project started:

“This project is under construction. What you find here is a collection of pictures and thoughts from the process.

The owners wanted to create a multifunctional space for performance, dance and art practices. The site is situated in the countryside between Göteborg and Oslo and comprises two buildings from the 17th century: a house and a barn. The drawings for the barn include a dance studio in one end and a sawmill in the other. This space allows these two different crafts to meet. The area contains a lot of history, for example there are a lot of old graves and petroglyphs near the site. The owners believes that there will be a good communication between the studio and the spirits.

The dance studio has been designed and built primarily through dialog. The project values verbal exchange of ideas and knowledge between those involved. The final design is very minimal: an insulated shell under the old roof containing a square sprung floor. Four windows in the north facade and one slim window in the west facade. Important to this project has been the interest in sourcing materials locally. The wood for the project was chopped down in the nearby woods in the winter and sawed up in the sawmill. The sprung floor is an experiment in how to make a floor, with enough bounce for dancing, using only the local materials.”