Ærø, Denmark

The orangery is built as an extension to the old stables on the client’s summer residence on the Danish island of Ærø. It was created from a wish to extend the warmth of the short Danish summers, allowing for outdoor living in the cooler months of the year. It also functions as a space for growing household vegetables and more exotic fruits, such as fig and peach.

The orangery hugs around the old stables creating small cosy niches in the sides, whilst the 8-meter-tall central room makes a great space for enjoying the sky. The eastern corner of the orangery is cut away to ensure sea views from the garden in front of the main house.

Built together with: Ask Emil Ørum Christensen, Jacob Kobæk Thing, Jacob Klöcker Petersen, Thomas Kjelds and a lot of other friends.

Orangery extension to old farm
Inside orangery with table and chairs
Orangery with flower garden
Orangery door and brick steps
Conservatory with kayaks