Halland, Sweden
274m2 (17m2 each)

Client: Stedsans

16 Cabins designed and built for the project “Stedsans” - a restaurant and simple resort founded by chef Flemming Hansen and cookbook authour/stylist Mette Helbæk as a place to invite people to get really close to Nature. The aim is for guests to be able to re-connect with and feel the healing powers of Nature. It is located at a forest lake in Halland, Sweden.

A cabin in the woods behind a big tree
A cabin with a slanted roof

Photo by Stine Christiansen

A triangualar cabin with a woman

Photos by Kira Brandt, Kira Brandt, Sarah Maria Arenfeld, Mette Helbæk and Asger Risborg Jakobsen in the order as shown

Photo by Kira Brandt

An a-frame cabin with big windows

Photo by Sarah Maria Arenfeld

Cabin with terrace and entrance

Photo by Mette Helbæk

Inside cabin in the woods

Photo by Kira Brandt

An A-frame cabin in the autumn with a man on the terrace