Halland, Sweden

Client: Stedsans

Floating sauna designed and built for the project “Stedsans” as a place for guests to experience the silence and deepness of a swedish forest lake. The sauna makes it possible for guests to take a swim even in winter.

Another aim was to create an icon for the resort that represents the strength of the place: the beauty and simplicity of nature.

Built and designed on-site from local oak and larch in collaboration with Thomas Kjelds.

A floating sauna on a lake

Photo by Asger Risborg Jakobsen

A triangular floating sauna in the evening light

Photo by Thomas Kjelds

The triangular facade of a floating sauna

Photo by Thomas Kjelds

A floating sauna at the Stedsans resort

Photo by Kira Brandt

The front terrace of a floating sauna

Photo by Adelasterfoodtextures

Photos by Asger Risborg Jakobsen, Thomas Kjelds (video), Thomas Kjelds, Adelasterfoodtextures and Kira Brandt in the order as shown

Video by Thomas Kjelds